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Extreme Mudfest – Dawson Creek

Mudfest Racing


Please read the below racing rules carefully
  • No alcohol at anytime is allowed in the pits. Should anyone in your crew be caught with alcohol in the pits, you will be immediately disqualified and removed from racing.
  • Anyone entering the racer area (this includes racers, crew + Family & Friends passes) must fill out this racer form. No entrance will be admitted onto the grounds until this form is filled. All people entering the race area must show proof of waiver or sign at the gates.
  • Please ensure you read all race class rules under your class.
  • Racers, family, and friends are allowed to use their quads to get to the main entrance of the show site. There is quad parking at the entrance. At no time is anyone permitted to enter the main grounds with a quad.
  • No one is allowed into the racer area without a racer band. NO EXCEPTIONS. Should someone be caught in your camp without a band, the entire party will be removed.


Racer Registration Is Now Open! Get Started Below.