Racer Information – Extreme Mudfest 2023 – Cold Lake, Alberta


Welcome to Extreme Mudfest! Please read carefully.


Important Racing Rules for Mudfest:


  • No alcohol at anytime is allowed in the pits. Should anyone in your crew be caught with alcohol in the pits, you will be immediately disqualified and removed from racing.
  • Anyone entering the racer area (this includes racers, crew + Family & Friends passes) must fill out this racer form. No entrance will be admitted onto the grounds until this form is filled. All people entering the race area must show proof of waiver or sign at the gates.
  • Please ensure you read all race class rules at extrememudfest.com/registration under your class
  • Racers, family and friends are allowed to use their quads to get to the main entrance of the show site. There is quad parking at the entrance. At no time is anyone permitted to enter the main grounds with a quad.
  • No-one is allowed into the racer area without a racer band. NO EXCEPTIONS. Should someone be caught in your camp without a band, the entire party will be removed.




Scan the below QR code:

Or visit:




  1. Use your camera and hover it over the QR code until you see a link you can open. It will automatically show up. You DO NOT have to take the actual picture, just hover over it
  2. Input your first and last name. Beside phone number, select the dropdown arrow, select CANADA, then input your phone number (Ex: 780-210-8923) If you are signing for a minor please read step 3 to complete this step otherwise skip to step 4
  3. If you are signing for a minor please select: “I am signing on behalf of a minor” You will then be prompted to fill out the information for the minor and yourself. If you do not have sole custody or if you are not the sole guardian, the other parent or guardian must sign. The waiver link will be sent to their phone once you input their information.
  4. Select the grey box beside where it says: “I confirm that I am an adult of legal age and I agree to the speed waiver privacy policy”
  5. Then press the blue button that says: “Send Waiver Links
  6. You will receive a text message – Open it
  7. Select the blue link that says: “it’s time to e-sign the waiver for (your name)”
  8. When the screen opens it will list the race and dates of race. Select the box that says: “I consent to using an electronic signature to complete this transaction. I understand that by completing this process, I will be electronically signing this document which has the same effect as a physical signature.
  9. Press “next
  10. You will be asked for permission to use your camera – Select “ALLOW
  11. Take a photo and smile pretty. Make sure you take the picture using the outline they have provided (outline of person). You can use your driver’s license picture as well.
  12. Please read carefully through the waiver and liability information provided.
  13. Scroll to the bottom of page and sign.
  14. Press “next
  15. A prompt will come appear stating: “You’re all set!
  16. Press “continue
  17. Your picture will appear. You can screen shot it and save OR you can press the option: “save options”
  18. If you pressed “saved options” beside the number 1, an option to press “more”. Select this option
  19. Input your email address and press send. Once the email has been sent the email address line will be blank.
  20. YOU ARE READY TO RACE! A kind reminder to complete the waiver forms BEFORE the scheduled races.