Extreme Quad Racing - Extreme Mudfest 2021


1. Side by sides or Quads allowed

2. No limits to engine or suspension

3. No limits to tires

4. DOT/Snell helmets must be worn

5. Passengers only allowed in side by sides

6. Drivers and passengers must be fully clothed wrist to ankle

7. Units must have EASY accessible tow hook for hook up when stuck or broke

8. All drivers and passengers must attend the site drivers meeting at start of each day

9. Pit will be 10-12 feet wide, 200 feet long, and 12-14 inches deep, it will be a timed race

10. No spinning of tire’s when stuck

11. No backing up in the pit

12. No “Hotdogging” in the shutdown area

13. Speed limit on the grounds 5KM, strongly enforced, if found in violation you will be escorted off site