Demolition Rules & Regulations - Extreme Mudfest 2021

Early registration entry fee is $250.00. This gets the driver and family into the grounds. It also includes 2 weekend concert passes. (kids under 12 are free to the concerts) And includes 1 camping pass in the pit area.

We highly recommend pre-registering for the derby to guarantee a spot and avoid lineups at the gate to get into the grounds.

½ and ¾ ton trucks allowed, no small trucks, no 4×4 trucks, no 4X4 frames no 1 ton trucks

If it doesn’t say you can do it, don’t do it, we will not let you push the grey areas of the rules, everything is in black and white.

Additions to this year’s rules are in RED

Items you must do to your truck:

1: Remove all glass, plastic ornaments, lights and bulbs.  If there is broken glass in your truck, get it out.

2: All chrome, hubcaps, and trim must be removed.

3: Gas tank must be removed.  The gas tank must be relocated inside the driver’s compartment, or in the front of the box and securely fastened.  No plastic jerry cans.  5 gallon MAX (you can build a protector for you gas tank, but it cannot reinforce the truck in any way, either to start with, or after it has bent.)

4: The batteries must be mounted securely in driver’s compartment, and covered.  Max 2 batteries per truck

5: Remove all upholstery from the truck, except front seat and seat belt.

6: The front doors must be reinforced.  It can be done with  I beam, channel iron, or box steel.  Door bars cannot exceed 76inches long.  They cannot extend more than 8 inches past the front door seam.  Door bars must be between 6 inches wide and no more than 12 inches wide. Bars have to be bolted to the truck. Do not weld them on, they will not stay on.  The bolts must go through and bolt on the inside of the door. Bolts must not extend past the bars on the outside of the Truck, within reason.   No grader blades allowed. If the door bar falls of, you will be DQ’ed.  It is mandatory that you do your passenger door in the same fashion. It is also mandatory to have 2 cross bars in each truck. One in the dash area, and one behind the seat, or in the front of the box. Nothing can be attached to the frame.

 7: It is recommended to have rollover protection on the cab. The best way to do this is to come off the front cross bar, up over the cab, and back to the rear cross bar. This can be done on the outside, overtop of the cab. You can then weld cross bars at the front and the rear of the cab to hold it together. We don’t want to see any cabs collapsing if the truck gets rolled over. This additional bracing is for driver protection only. Don’t use it to make the truck stronger.   Nothing to be attached to the frame.

We highly encourage this cage to be built. If your truck is rolled, and the roof strength is compromised, you will not be able to run again, until it is reinforced. Keep in mind we had multiple rollovers in 2016.

8: It is mandatory to have something behind the driver’s head to prevent your head from going thru the back window.

9: All doors must be securely chained, bolted or welded shut.  If welding you can use 3/8 bar as filler.  Do not use metal strapping. Only the outside seam can be welded. No welding the inside seams.

10: Hoods must be securely fastened down. If you are using bolts, max of 2 can go through the frame on the hood max 1 ¼ inch rod size. Nothing in front of the radiator. You can put your bolts thru the factory body mount holes.  Washer plate sizes can be a max of 8 ½ inches by 6 ½ inches. A max of 8 hold down points on the hood.

11: the box can have an additional 4 point of hold down to the frame, besides the factory bolts. Max size of plates are 14” x 8”

12: Your hood must have a hole on each side of the carb big enough to get a fire extinguisher in it. Minimum 8 inches on each side.

13: The radiator must stay in the stock location

14: The driver’s door must be white; the rest of the Truck must be some other color than white.

15: Brakes must work

16: Seat belts must work

17: Cross bars must be used. One through the dash area, in front of the driver, and one behind the driver’s seat.  No more than two crossbars per truck. With the addition of Rule 7, two additional cross bars can be used in the rollover protection.

18: Tailgate can be lowered. Tailgate can NOT be bolted to the frame in any way. It can be welded, chained or bolted to the box (Sheet metal only). .  (IF WELDING, YOU CAN USE 3/8 ROD AS FILL, NO FLATBAR ALLOWED) You can use 2” angle iron vertically to attach the tailgate to the box sides. If using angle iron, it has to stay inside the box. NO WELDED ANGLE IRON ALLOWED HORIZONTAL ON THE BOX FLOOR

19: Tailgate and box sides must be vertical at the start of the derby. This means no folding the sides of the box down.

20: The front of the box must be bolted to the cab of the box in at least two places.

21: Minimum 1 vertical bar from firewall to roof. Can use 2 bars. Can have 2 vertical bars in back window.

Items you must NOT do to your Truck:

22: No trailer hitches, it must be completely removed

23: No welding on the frame or reinforcing of any kind to the truck. (Except where noted in the rules)

24: No extra engine cooling systems allowed, only stock cooling systems.

25: Engine, tranny, and rear end must stay in stock location

26: No extended or reverse spring shackles. No bolt on over load springs.

27: No reinforcing of ball joints or tie rod ends

28: No suspension modifications

29: No solid rubber tires or steel tires

Optional items you can do to your Truck:

30: Wheel wells can be trimmed, and bolted together, (MAXIMUM OF 5 7/16 BOLTS PER WHEEL WELL, LOCATED ABOVETHE WHEEL).

31: Bumpers can be trimmed

32: Engine and tranny can be chained in

33: Exhaust can go through hood

34: Diff can be welded

35: A tranny cooler can be used, and relocated inside the truck.

36: Bumper brackets can be welded to the frame.

37: Slider drive shafts will be allowed.

38: Double CV joints are allowed

39: Coil springs can be welded in

40: Leaf springs can be clamped, Max 4 per leaf spring.

41: Floor shifters are allowed

42: Valve stem protectors are allowed

43: If you are using a truck that has been in a prior derby and the frame is broken, you may weld it and plate it, BUT don’t get carried away. This will be checked when you are tech’ed in.  The tech crew will make a call on this.  If they think it is excessive, you won’t be allowed to derby until it is fixed. Don’t push this rule; it is there so you can finish off a truck that is still ok to derby. IF YOU REPAIR A FRAME, THE REPAIRED AREA NEEDS TO BE PAINTED A BRIGHT COLOR, PREFERIBLY ORANGE OR RED TO INDICATE THE AREA. THIS APPLIES FOR REPAIRS DURING THE DERBY AS WELL. If we find a frame repair that is not marked with bright paint, you will be loaded on the trailer and sent home. NO EXCEPTIONS.

44: Car bumper is allowed on the front of the truck, and only the front, but can only extend 2 inches either side of the frame rails.

45: Steering knuckles are allowed.

46: If replacing the factory body bolts, the bolts used must be same size as factory, and have free floating washers (not welded to anything). NO EXTRA BODY BOLTS

47: Engine swaps are allowed, but must be in factory position. You can build a cradle, and weld the mounts to it, but cannot make the truck stronger in any way.

48: Lower engine cradle will be allowed on all engines. No pulley protector allowed

49: Distributor protector will be allowed. Must be a minimum of 8” from your front cross bar. Can not be used to reinforce your truck.

50: Carb protector will be allowed. Can be attached to the distributor protector.

51: If using a rear bumper, it must stay in the factory position, with the factory mounts. It must be a factory bumper.

52: The rad support bracket that you run your all thread through can be welded to the frame.

53: Truck bumpers can be overlapped, and bolted or welded together. NO ADDED MATERIAL TO BE USED.

54: You can bolt the box sides to the box floor using angle iron. 4 spots per side. (8 spots total in the box. Maximum 2” angle iron. 2” wide. Maximum 3/8 bolt.

55: Wheel wells can be bolted to the box floor in the same fashion as Rule 22. 2 hold downs per wheel well. (this is included in the 4 spots per side)

56: Spring hangers can be welded to the frame.

57: You can add additional support to the front of the truck. Max size is 2” square tubing. Must be located entirely inside the engine compartment, behind the rad support, under the hood, and not stick out past the outside of the frame rails. On each frame rail you may weld one 2” square tubing to the top of the frame, vertically. You can then put a 2” square tubing kicker off that one, back to the frame rail. Must all be in front of the control arms. Maximum of 2 contact points on each frame rail.

Pictures of how this can be done will be posted on Facebook on the Demo Addicts site by spring. If you have questions, please contact me, don’t just do it and think it will be allowed.

Safety Rules:

58: Entrants must have a valid driver’s license.

59: Entrants must be over 16.  If you are under the age of 18, parent or guardian must give written permission of your participation, and they must be present when you are racing, or you won’t be allowed to race.

60: All drivers must wear approved helmets, and safety glasses, or shield

61: Seat belts must be worn

62: Drivers must wear pants, and long sleeve shirts when driving. Coveralls or drivers suit are recommended.  No sandals when driving.

63: NO ALCOHOL until all racing is done for the day. This means all forms of racing, not just the derby.

General rules:

64: You have 60 seconds to make a hit.

65: A hit on a driver’s door will result in a disqualification (Judges Decision)

66: When your vehicle is timed out, you must stay in your vehicle with your helmet on, and break your flag.

67: Tag team driving will not be tolerated.  No warnings, intentional or not. You will be placed accordingly

68: No hitting a truck with a broken flag. You will be DQed

69: All cars are subject to inspection at any time an official deems it necessary

70: Last aggressive hit wins

71: The judge’s decision will be final.  Any arguing with the judges will result in total disqualification from the event.

72: Your entry fee will be paid before your truck is inspected. If your truck does not pass inspection you will be given a chance to fix it, if you do not, or cannot fix it, you will not race, and you won’t get your entry fee back.  You have the rules: if you follow them you won’t have any trouble getting your truck to pass

73: Additions, revisions, or deletions in whole or in part may be made at any time as deemed necessary by the officials. We do not accept responsibility for any actions on your part as a driver, however we reserve the right to remove you should your actions be considered a danger to anyone around you.

74:  You are responsible for the actions of your pit people.

We do our best to enforce the rules, however if you feel we have missed something on some one’s derby vehicle, you have the option of putting up a $50.00 protest fee, and we will check the vehicle out, if we find what you say is done, you get your $50.00 back, if there is no rule infraction, then the protested vehicle gets the $50.00.

Any questions, contact Jody Oliver (780) 201-4362

If it doesn’t say you can do it, don’t do it, we will not let you push the grey areas of the rules, everything is in black and white.

 We reserve the right to make adjustments and changes to the rules before the derby begins. Any changes will be posted on Demo Addicts on Facebook.