Ball Tournament - Extreme Mudfest 2022 - Cold Lake, Alberta

MudFest Slow-pitch Tournament Rules 2022

Mudfest is bringing back the soft-ball tournament for a max of 40 teams.

You can just play ball or you can join the festivities. All team registrations need to be made through the google form (

– Teams must consist of a minimum of 6 men and 3 women. At least 4 women must be on the field to use the rover position.

– Games consist of 7 innings. Each game has a 1.5-hour time slot. No new innings are to be started after 1 hr. 15 mins. At that time, you will finish the inning you are currently in.

– Forfeits will score at 7-0

– There is a maximum of seven runs per inning per team.

– Home team will be determined by a coin toss for all round robin games. In finals, leading team will be home.

– No metal spikes are allowed.

– No more than 2 males can bat in a row.

– A pinch runner MUST be the last batter out of the same sex. If that player comes up to bat while on base, he/she will be out.

– No bunting.

– Late players may only be added until one complete turn through the lineups has occurred.

– The batting teams must provide 1st and 3rd base coaches.

– Do not touch home plate. This is an automatic out. Players are to cross the safety line. No sliding at home.

– After crossing the commitment line between 3rd and home, players are committed to go home.

– Base stealing is not allowed. At least one of the runner’s feet must remain on the base until the batter has made contact with the ball.

– A base runner may only advance on a caught-fly-ball by “tagging up”. The player must tag the base of possession after the ball is caught, before proceeding.

– All runners are awarded one base on an overthrow where the ball leaves the diamond.

– 4 balls are a walk. If a male batter walks with a female batter behind him, he takes 2nd base. The female batter must take her turn at bat.

– The back catcher determines if a ball is fair or foul. If it lands fair and rolls foul before the bases, it is foul. It must land foul after the bases to be foul. All back catchers are responsible for calling it. Be sure to encourage back catchers to speak loud and clear.

– HOME RUN RULE “MATCH PLUS TWO” is in effect. At no time during a game will the number of home runs hit by one team be more than two (2) more than the number of home runs hit by the opposing team. When a home run is hit, that is in excess of the number allowed, the batter will be declared OUT.

– All dugouts MUST be cleaned after every game.

– After round robins, teams that place will go to A and B semi-finals and finals.

– Round Robin tie breaking formula will be as follows:

Points – win/loss record

Head-to-head (if applicable)


Best defense

Best offense

Coin Toss (best of seven)

– ALL communication for this tourney will be made through the “MudFest Slowpitch Tourney 2022” Facebook page. At least one member of your team MUST join this page so you can be kept in the loop. All game scores will be recorded on this page and all scheduling for the entire tournament and finals will also be on here. Application form and a ticketing link and code will be sent to your email address you’ve provided.