Tuff Truck - Mod Stock Rules - Extreme Mudfest 2017 - Bonnyville, Alberta

Tuff Truck – Mod Stock Rules


Mod Stock
Tuff Truck Rules

Please note:
Any violation of rules will result in previous runs being marked as a DQ.
Anyone can protest a vehicle in question to ANY of the track officials.
Any track official can inspect a vehicle at any time.
Rules are made as guidelines, please do not “reinvent” the wheel. If it does not say you can do it DON’T!!!
Extreme supply’s neck braces, if you have your own, perfect, but one must be worn.
Pit boss has FINAL say on any time penalties or decisions, NO EXCEPTIONS!

  1. Any vehicle combination allowed
  2. 2,4 or AWD allowed
  3. Any suspension combination is allowed
  4. No limits to engines or drivetrain. No limits on exhaust, alcohol, nitrous. If using alcohol, certified fire suit MUST be worn with face sock aswell
  5. Propane injection allowed
  6. D.O.T helmets and full length clothing are required
  7. No passengers
  8. No limit to tires
  9. If using any fuel tank other than factory, it must be mounted securely and must be an approved fuel cell outside the cab
  10. Batteries must be securely fastened and cannot be in driver’s compartment. There must be an outside Kill switch installed on read of vehicle in plain view. The Kill switch MUST kill all power and the engine when turned off.
  11. 6 point roll cage must be installed and mounted to FRAME, NOT floor. Minimum .095 tubing must be used. If chrome moly is used a minimum of .070 must be used.
  12. If doors are removed, Full C.S.A approved netting must be installed to keep arms and legs in vehicle.
  13. If front window is removed, safety glasses or goggles MUST be worn
  14. If driver wants a fire extinguisher it must be properly mounted
  15. All loose items MUST be removed before bringing unit to site. Clean out garbage and all loose items, we do not have large enough garbage facilities to clean up messes.
  16. Vehicles cannot be left at site after the race weekend. The DRIVER will be held responsible for any unit/units that need to be towed out after Wednesday following the event.
  17. A qualified person must be in driver’s seat at ANY time the vehicle is running. This includes: Warm up or tune. Brake must be held during the time anyone is tuning or working on a vehicle that is running.