Camping - Extreme Mudfest 2021

Do you have to reserve a campsite?

Campsite locations are first come first serve. You must purchase a camping pass to enter into the camping area. Campsites can be purchased on our website or if you need assistance, send us an email at

Do the campsites have services?

The campsites do not have services available to them.

What are the rules of the campsites?

• Camping passes must be clearly displayed in vehicles.
• You must have a camping wristband to enter the camp site from 8pm-8am.
• Please keep your campsite free of garbage. There will be garbage cans placed throughout the campsite, please use them.
• Please keep all valuables locked up in your vehicle. The festival will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items.
• No liquor from the campsite will be permitted to enter the show site.
• Sites are assigned upon arrival, if there is a large group of you, we highly suggest you travel together as you may risk not being able to camp side by side.
• No fireworks, paper lanterns or any type of explosives will be permitted
• No fighting or threatening behavior
• No parking in fire lanes

The following are NOT allowed:

• Open flames (gas barbeques are fine), which includes citronella torches;
• Glass containers of any kind
• Structures – anything you bring to our campground should be taken home with you.
• Kegs
• Music – Intense, loud stereo equipment is prohibited at all times. A reasonable volume of music is acceptable so long as it does not bother others.
• All music is to be turned off no later than 12am in the campsites