Ball Tournament Registration - Extreme Mudfest 2019 - Bonnyville, Alberta

Ball Tournament Registration



Rules & Regulations

1. Each game will start with a coin toss to determine home team. The winner of the coin toss will decide where they want to start the game, at bat or in the field.

2. Games are scheduled to start at a certain time, a loss will be forced if a team is not prepared to play within 15 minutes of that time.

3. If the game is not finished by 15 minutes before the start time of the next game, the teams will finish the inning they are playing to conclude the game.

4. Bases and balls will be provided.

5. Teams must consist of 2 women and 6 men on the field. A team can play with 9 players: either 3 women and 6 men with an automatic out, or 4 women and 5 men with no automatic out

6. Batting team supplies umpires. They make calls on the arc of the pitch, foul balls, and tags at the bases. A team may supply one umpire at home plate or two umpires on the bases (first and third). *Please provide umpires that know the game.

7. Back catcher calls balls and strikes (note: if the batting team has an ump at home plate, he/she can be responsible for calling balls and strikes if the catcher desires.)

8. The standard rubber strike mat and home plate combination will be replaced by one plywood mat. This mat will act as the strike mat and home plate. A pitch will be considered a strike as long as it makes contact with any portion of the plywood mat.

9. The pitcher must pitch underhand and have an arc of 6-12 feet, and pitch from within the 8ft pitching circle. The play is considered dead when the ball is inside this circle.

10. If an arc of a pitch is not within the specified 6-12 feet, the umpire should call a “no pitch”. Although a “no pitch” cannot be hit by the batter, the pitch is to be considered a ball.

11. All innings are closed at 7 runs expect the 7 th inning, which is an open inning.

12. Mercy rule – if one team is winning by more than 15 runs after 5 innings, the game can be called if the winning team desires.

13. A foul ball caught by the catcher must be over the batters head to be an out.

14. Infield fly rules:

a. Must be called by the umpire. If you don’t hear the umpire yell “infield fly”, than assume the rule doesn’t apply.
b. To be called when there is less than two outs with runners on first and second base, or the bases loaded.
c. To be called when the umpire determines the fielder can make the catch with ordinary effort (usually on the shale infield only).
d. When “infield fly” is called, the batter is out (even if the ball is then dropped by the fielder).